My Story 

I found myself at an odd crossroad a year into practice. As a solo DC, I had hit my physical and energetic max in practice. My vision and passion was to help so many more people, but I felt like the more people I helped, the less opportunity I had to grow my family, practice self care, and travel.

My practice, by the numbers, was considered one of the largest in the Chiro groups I was a part of. To me, I was only just beginning...I knew that I wanted more. More doctors to collaborate with who shared a similar vision and drive. I wanted to help change more lives in the community, but I didn’t want that to be solely on me.

I asked coaches, leaders, and mentors in Chiropractic about how they took maternity leaves, long vacations, hired Associates, paid off student loans, were planning for retirement....crickets. I found that many of them had spouses who were providing the main income for their family, they were married to other chiros, they left practice all together, or they were still in a massive amount of student loan debt. None of which I desired.

So I went outside of Chiropractic and designed the practice and lifestyle I desired. I’m here to share, collaborate, and grow together with ChiroIntensive.


Street Cred

  • Wife & Mama of 3 (Sloan-8,Stella-5,Ford-3)
  • Owner of Impact Chiropractic in Fort Collins, CO
  • All Cash, Multimillion Dollar (annual) practice 
  • Practice Team of 6 Amazing Docs
  • I see have no patient hours, lead employee KPI meetings, doctors trainings, and complete CEO items.
  • Enneagram 3 wing 2
  • I’m an open book & tell it like it is.
  • I take 3 mo+ maternity leaves
  • I am growing the Impact brand with a location in Loveland and third location to come in 2024
  • I LOVE my team. I truly enjoy being around each and every one of them. I’m so grateful to have a team of doctors that I can learn from as well. It keeps practice lively and supportive
  • I’m ready to share, strategize, mastermind, and collaborate with other Chiros who are big thinkers & expanders.

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