Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is ChiroIntensive for?

To make sure ChiroIntensive is the right fit, we schedule a call with each doctor, this allows us to get a better picture of your desires and where you are at in your life. For the most part ChiroIntensive it is not for start ups and it is not for exit strategy. The doctors who join are around millennial age, and in the range of way past start up, feeling pretty good, profitable, but at a point where they realize they have reached their physical max. On the other hand we have chiropractors who have brought on doctors already and feel the chaos of not been able step into the leadership role. ChiroIntensive offers guidance to navigate through each of these scenarios and much more. 

When is ChiroIntensive offered? 

It is offered once a year during 4th quarter. This is set up specifically so you can work hard in 4th quarter and by the end of the program you are ready for 2023.

What is different about the associate module in ChiroIntensive?

Often times in our profession the associate salary structure consists of a base salary, and a bonus structure, based on total collections of the clinic. It can often sound like a win-win and is thought to create more of a “team effect”, but it can cause unforeseen problems down the road as the owner. If you bring on your associate with this type of a model and keep that baseline, once you reach a certain capacity you are going to have to bring an additional doctor in. This can lead to an issue with the seasoned associate, since often the owner cannot sustain this type of a salary. I want to challenge the doctors in our program to change this model. The associate module contains everything you need to hire an associate, in a step by step process including all the paper work on the human resources side. 

Can alumni come to the live event the following year?

Absolutely. All Alumni are welcome back the following year for the live event. 

What is the live event?

The live event will be held on December 2-3rd 2022 location TBD. It is a working event where we plan for 2023.  It consists of planning your personal and professional/marketing calendar along with going over how to structure marketing meetings with your team. Spreadsheets are provided in order to calculate numbers for 2023, set smart projections, and stretch goals for the next year. During the live event we calculate how many patients you need to see in the next year to reach those goals, and back track it all. 

What do the modules look like?

Modules are very content heavy, 4-8 hours per module. We go work through them throughout the 12 weeks, and have one week each month as a “catch up” week. These modules also contain lots of bonus content such as HR specialists, profit-first, IG success blueprint workshop, tax strategizing and much more.


What us the Difference between "Building your Team of Chiros" and ChiroIntensive? 

Building your Team of Chiros can be purchased and completed at anytime, it takes the information from ChiroIntensive's associate module and makes it accessible to you immediately. This is great for a doctor who is looking to add an associate ASAP and cannot wait for the ChiroIntensive program. ChiroIntensive on the other hand is only offered one time a year and contains the information in Building your Team of Chiros and much more (the curriculum can be seen in detail here)

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