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What started as a transformative 90-day business mentorship & mastermind, intentionally designed to support Chiropractors towards unparalleled growth, expansion, and unprecedented success - has now expanded to The ChiroIntensive Community. A vibrant network born from our renowned 90-day, 4th quarter intensive. Now, not only can you do the 90-day intensive, but you can continue expanding beyond boundaries and gain access to support and collaboration year-round.

Elevate your practice, increase profitability, and unlock limitless possibilities, as we guide you strategically in your journey towards the extraordinary lifestyle you truly deserve.

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The ChiroIntensive Community:


The ChiroIntensive Community is a year-around, exclusive and transformative experience for high achieving Chiropractors. It's not just a community; it's a dynamic platform that opens doors to meaningful connections and collaborative opportunities within the chiropractic world. Here, you'll build relationships with like-minded Chiropractors, share insights & tactical business strategies, and engage in a supportive network that propels you and your practice to new heights. 

You will get access to:

  • Online community support - collaborate on marketing ideas, business strategies, and systems, and receive support from fellow entrepreneurs and chiropractors around the clock.¬†
  • Get your burning questions answered and receive personalized guidance during our weekly coaches office hours.
  • Staying at the forefront of chiropractic and business advancements with exclusive monthly training sessions designed to deepen your knowledge and skills.


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The 4th Quarter Intensive Program: 


ChiroIntensive: a 90-day Intensive Program that empowers chiropractors to thrive in the modern era. Designed for two distinct groups:

  • Scaling¬†Chiropractors:¬†You have a profitable practice and now you‚Äôre ready to scale! Discover how to add docs to your practice, and if desired, open multiple practices. Set yourself up for owner freedom & a profitable exit/retirement in the future.
  • ¬†Growth-Oriented Chiropractors:¬†Experience the unique journey of expanding both your family and practice while simultaneously conquering debt, amplifying wealth building, and creating the lifestyle you've always envisioned.¬†

We'll dive into the strategic dimensions of business, profitability, and team management, equipping you with the physical tools, revolutionary strategies, and invaluable documents to cultivate a thriving team, build substantial wealth, and seamlessly assume the role of a visionary CEO within your practice. 

The program consists of six unique modules paired with weekly cohort calls, and unwavering accountability throughout the entirety of the program.

Immerse yourself in these game-changing modules:

  • Streamlined Efficiency:¬†Fine-tune your office procedures and systems¬†with our arsenal of essential documents and checklists.
  • Building a Stellar Team:¬†Discover the secrets to hiring and retaining top-tier associates. Gain insights from diverse industries, including legal and medical practices, and empower your team with¬†meticulously crafted training schedules and human resources.
  • Unleash Your CEO Potential:¬†Master the art of intentional hiring, strategic planning, and cultivating mutual respect among your team members, setting the stage for exponential growth.
  • Associate Excellence: Elevate your practice by unlocking the potential of exceptional associate doctors. Uncover the¬†interview techniques, offer letters, exit interview questions, and HR documents¬†that facilitate a harmonious and high-performing team.
  • The Ultimate Live Event: Join the ChiroIntensive community for a dynamic and¬†immersive working event. Engage in mastermind sessions, plan your personal and professional calendar, devise marketing strategies, crunch numbers, and set ambitious goals for an extraordinary upcoming year.¬† Leverage our exclusive spreadsheets and enjoy confidential, deep strategy sessions during calls and live event, all under the protection of a non-disclosure agreement.

Embrace the modern era of chiropractic excellence with ChiroIntensive‚ÄĒan unrivaled opportunity to forge an extraordinary future for yourself, your practice, and your team. Join us and redefine what's possible in chiropractic success!


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Dr. Savannah Ford 

"One of the biggest takeaways from ChiroIntensive was becoming streamlined in my systems for a multi doctor office, especially as we begin to grow into a bigger practice and add additional doctors on."

What if.........

What if... you could grow your team, expand your reach, and make a profound impact on your community. 

What if... you could effortlessly add exceptional doctors to your practice, elevating your personal income, and reclaiming precious time for yourself.

What if... your team possessed the power to captivate your audience on social media, cultivate strong connections with local businesses, and ignite a movement around your practice?

Picture a future where you effortlessly eliminate debt, unlock wealth-building opportunities, and radiate unshakable confidence.

...without sacrificing your precious time, draining your energy, or relying solely on your physical presence in the practice...

Discover a new paradigm of growth. 


Dr. Mike Sedlacek 

“ChiroIntensive helped me put the systems in place in order to be a better leader and realize that I need to break old patterns in order to change internally into the person I want to become." 


Shatter the status quo and embark on a journey that addresses the uncharted territories of:

Building a Flourishing Team: Unlock the secrets to cultivating thriving relationships with your team members, assembling an exceptional TEAM of doctors, and confidently assuming the role of CEO and leader in your practice.

Work-Life Balance Redefined: Embrace a paradigm shift that grants you the freedom of maternity/paternity leaves, indulgent vacations, and uninterrupted time away from your practice, all while witnessing its seamless operation in your absence.

Conquering Financial Hurdles: Confront the overwhelming burden of student loan debt, arm yourself with wealth-building knowledge, and unearth hidden avenues to increase profitability within your practice, all while reducing your workload.

Collaborative Networking: Master the art of forging meaningful connections with local businesses that share your ideal patient demographic. Unleash the potential for unparalleled success in all areas of life, from business and health to money, relationships, love, and adventure.

It's Time to Break the Burnout Cycle!

We understand the all-too-familiar cycle of chiropractors burning out, burdened by the weight of single-handedly driving growth and success. We recognize the untapped potential within your practice, yearning to impact more lives. But here's the truth: It doesn't have to be this way.


Dr. Elise Rigney

Hi! I'm Dr. Elise Rigney, and I founded ChiroIntensive because I know how it feels to get lost in typical Chiropractic practice management coaching. I know what it’s like to have a successful practice, know you can achieve more, but feel too burnt out to figure out how to take the next steps. I know how it feels to have your heart halfway at home with your family and halfway at your practice with your chiro family...feeling like you’re half assing everything. I know what it feels like to have a six figure income,but have student loan debt looming over you.

I was a skilled Chiropractor and business owner, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the technical skill, scripts, determination, and grit in the world... but unless you know how to strategically and confidently RUN A BUSINESS, your business will always run you, holding you back from the impact (and income) you deserve.

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about business in an effort to build the team I desired, be the most present wife and mama I could, and pay off student loans while simultaneously saving for the future.

In my search to master everything about running a successful Chiropractic clinic, I was able to build a million-dollar clinic without insurance, lead amazing associate Chiropractors, and make a greater impact in my community. All without scripts, one-size-fits-all, and paying continually for group coaching. In addition other Chiros started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business too.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology built on strategizing, masterminding, and high level accountability in a 90 Day INTENSIVE. That is how "ChiroIntensive" was born!