90 day business mentorship & mastermind designed to help Chiropractors grow & scale their practices, increase profitability, strategize possibilities, and achieve the lifestyle they desire.

Enrollment opens August 1st 2023! 


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The Program: 


ChiroIntensive works best for two groups of people.

  • Chiropractors who are out of start-up mode but not quite in exit strategy mode (however we will discuss how to build a sellable practice). These are chiropractors with profitable practices who are looking to scale their business.
  •  Chiropractors looking to grow their family and practice while simultaneously paying off debt, increasing wealth building, and creating the lifestyle they desire.   

ChiroIntensive puts an emphasis on business, profitability, and team management. You will be given the physical tools (in the form of specific documents) and strategies for creating and keeping a happy team, building wealth, and transitioning into the role of CEO within your practice.

While stepping into the role of CEO can be daunting, ChiroIntensive gives you the resources necessary for a smooth transition while empowering both you and your team members through the process. The program consists of six unique modules paired with weekly cohort calls, and a high level of accountability throughout the entirety of the program.

These modules include fine tuning your office procedures and systems. ChiroIntensive provides you with all the necessary documents and checklists to streamline the hiring process. This will add an additional level of professionalism to your business. The program will make sure you are totally prepared with a training schedule and various other checklists, in order to increase productivity but not your own personal work load. 

ChiroIntensive also includes an entire module dedicated to hiring an associate. Building a team of doctors with mutual respect within the office is important, whether it is coming from the team, the owner, or the practice members. Dr. Elise has sought knowledge outside our profession and learned from attorneys, accountants, and other medical practices specifically for this. It is important as the CEO and owner of your practice, to be intentional when hiring an associate. There are many aspects to consider such as having the systems in place for both tracking and training, before the doctor is hired. The associate module includes but is not limited to the interview, offer letter, exit interview questions, and any documents you need on the human resources side. 

ChiroIntensive wraps up with the live working event, December 2nd-3rd

This event brings together all members of ChiroIntensive for a focused weekend of masterminding and planning for 2023. This weekend will consist of planning your personal and professional calendar, marketing, crunching numbers for 2023, and planning team meeting agendas. There will be spreadsheets provided to help calculate and set smart projections and stretch goals for the up coming year. All members fill out a non disclosure agreement, this allows us to have deep strategy sessions on our calls and during the live event. 

If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum click here.


Dr. Savannah Ford 

"One of the biggest takeaways from ChiroIntensive was becoming streamlined in my systems for a multi doctor office, especially as we begin to grow into a bigger practice and add additional doctors on."

What if.........

What if... you could grow your team, serve more patients, & increase your clinic’s impact on your community?

What if... you could add additional doctors to your team (who you love being around), increase your personal income, & increase your time off?

What if... your team knew exactly what to post on social media to attract a tribe of raving fans, build relationships with other local businesses, & create a movement?

What if... you could pay off debt, increase wealth building opportunities, & feel more confident?

...without more of your time, energy, and physical body being present in your practice...


Dr. Mike Sedlacek 

“ChiroIntensive helped me put the systems in place in order to be a better leader and realize that I need to break old patterns in order to change internally into the person I want to become." 


No one is talking about...

How to have a successful relationship with your team members, build a TEAM of doctors, and become the CEO & Leader of your practice.
Maternity/paternity leaves! Long vacations! Time away from your practice with it successfully operating without you!

The massive amount of student loan debt, lack of education on wealth building, and possibilities for increasing profitability inside your practice w/less work.
How to build relationships with other businesses in your town that have a similar ICA to your ideal patient. How to achieve success in business, health, money, relationships, love, and adventure.

Eventually, Chiropractors burn out. I don’t blame them! Feeling like your growth and success depends all on YOU. And knowing your practice has the capacity to help more people, yet not feeling you have the support to know how to do that.. But it DOES NOT have to be this way!


Why am I Different? 

  • I’ll give you proven systems & structure to make change & grow with a high level of accountability each week
  • I’ve scaled a multi-million dollar practice while being able to see patients 4 hours/week.
  • I will teach you how to add associate doctors to your practice when you are ready.
  • I talk about the hard shit (student loans, how to retain team members, stepping into the shoes of the leader you desire to be)
  • I support you with LIVE weekly small group mastermind calls, bring in experts for bonus calls/training, and have structured unlimited daily support. Plus we have a LIVE Mastermind!
  • I believe transparency and vulnerability is what transforms us. Therefore, everyone signs an NDA in our group. REAL & safe conversations transpire.
  • Roll up your sleeves and buckle down for 90 days, so you can relax and let life work FOR you the next 275 days. It’s called an Intensive for a reason :)


Dr. Elise Rigney

Hi! I'm Dr. Elise Rigney, and I founded ChiroIntensive because I know how it feels to get lost in typical Chiropractic practice management coaching. I know what it’s like to have a successful practice, know you can achieve more, but feel too burnt out to figure out how to take the next steps. I know how it feels to have your heart halfway at home with your family and halfway at your practice with your chiro family...feeling like you’re half assing everything. I know what it feels like to have a six figure income,but have student loan debt looming over you.

I was a skilled Chiropractor and business owner, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the technical skill, scripts, determination, and grit in the world... but unless you know how to strategically and confidently RUN A BUSINESS, your business will always run you, holding you back from the impact (and income) you deserve.

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about business in an effort to build the team I desired, be the most present wife and mama I could, and pay off student loans while simultaneously saving for the future.

In my search to master everything about running a successful Chiropractic clinic, I was able to build a million-dollar clinic without insurance, lead amazing associate Chiropractors, and make a greater impact in my community. All without scripts, one-size-fits-all, and paying continually for group coaching. In addition other Chiros started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business too.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology built on strategizing, masterminding, and high level accountability in a 90 Day INTENSIVE. That is how "ChiroIntensive" was born!



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