ChiroIntensive Testimonials 


Dr. Sadey Broecker 

I loved learning from Dr. Elise as a leader, and implementing focused procedures and protocols. Along with knowing where I came from and where I want to go as a business owner.

 Dr. Carlee Brockman 

ChiroIntensive showed me the spots I was excelling and the spots I needed to improve in my business. The support from my fellow leaders and chiropractors was something I have not seen in any other coaching program. In chiroIntensive you have a team supporting you, not a coach telling you what to do.

Dr. Eric Kurzinski

ChiroIntensive has helped me plan ahead and lay things out specifically in regards to the hiring process. In addition to helping create a routine and schedule to reduce stress on myself.


Dr. Sheena Lee

What I enjoyed most about ChiroIntensive were the group calls where we got the opportunity to brainstorm, problem solve, and help each other in a collaborative way & use the genius of other doctors. This was also the most unique aspect of ChiroIntensive that sets it apart from other coaching groups that I've been involved with. I also appreciated that there were so many resources and everything was practical and could be implemented immediately.

Dr. Jessica Scarrat 

ChiroIntensive was like no other program I’ve been part of! The amount of growth that happened for me personally and for my practice as a whole has been incredible. I originally joined to get everything in order to hire my first associate, but ChiroIntensive goes above and beyond to do that and so much more. My practice is so much more organized, especially behind the scenes with my team. I’m so grateful for everything I have learned from Elise and have implemented to fit my practice! The investment will last a lifetime for me!


Dr. Anne-Marie DiNardo 

ChiroIntensive helped me really gain structure with the procedures in my office to be more organized and more confident in order to hire a second associate. 

Dr. Matt Morris 

ChiroIntensive is a great program that is missing in our profession. I feel like most programs are tailored towards startups or struggling offices. This program is great for already successful practices that want the systems and leadership aspects to reach new levels.

Dr. Gena Bofshever

ChiroIntensive helped me let go of previous expectations and implement the 80% rule. This provided a trackable goal in order to get my doctor, my staff, and my people where I wanted them to be. 

 ChiroIntensive Live Event 2022


Dr. Emily Acosta 

ChiroIntensive helped me realize I need to become a better leader for my team, implement more structured systems, and improve clarity of expectations. 

Dr. Dane Becker 

ChiroIntensive's live event made me realize how different everyone practices and the different strategies and tactics that business owners used. It was so cool to see everyone's unique approach.

Dr. Nicole Zyla-Herrera 

ChiroIntensive included current info on taking your practice to the next level. Also great to be connected to other successful doctors looking to grow.

Dr. Micaela O'Connor 

ChiroIntensive helped me create intention with my leadership and now within my practice I have a team rather than employees. 

Dr. Marcia Schaefer 

ChiroIntensive helped me create a full marketing plan for this upcoming year and a clearer idea of the future ahead. 

Dr. Marco Vespa  

ChiroIntensive helped me get my head back into practice, and look at the business as a business owner. Take messy action! 


Dr. Erin Torzewski 

The caliber of people within ChiroIntensive are the best kind of people to connect with. This was the only small group that has actually worked (I have been part of a lot of coaching for 15 years). 

Dr. Steph Mahan  

The community of ChiroIntensive was incredible as well as getting to connect with amazing doctors and gaining confidence in taking over the family practice.

Dr. Michelle Arietta 

What I found was most unique about ChiroIntensive was Learning to listen differently through the weekly calls, to watch people process and see similar things that other docs have gone through. 

Dr. Lona Cook 

ChiroIntensive opened my mind to a much more organized hiring process and to take more of a birds eye perspective across my three practices instead of being so enmeshed in the one practice for the most part.

Dr. Maggie Hunsicker 

ChiroIntensive was a great way for me to organize and simplify systems in my practice.  I was able to clarify what success meant to me and dig deep into how to create that within my life and my practice.


Dr. Alex Duff 

ChiroIntensive helped me figure out that as I transition into a leadership role within my practice, it is not what I need to do but who I want to become in order to achieve my goals. 

Dr. Cassidie Marzluff 

ChiroIntensive helped me formulate a plan to create change within the office. Every module was so helpful, from hiring to communication, and becoming a leader again. 

Dr. Lauren Kolowski 

ChiroIntensive helped me gain better communication with my multiple associates & team. Along with creating a great strategy for upcoming year planning and team training.

Dr. Alli Morelli 

Chirointensive was the most thought out well rounded and best-executed program I’ve ever been a part of.  The personal and professional growth I saw in less than 90 days was transformational.  I’m gaining a better understanding of myself as a leader and CEO and that is going to transcend into my practice. 

Dr. Morgan Sheridan 

The straightforward and easy-to-implement information in the modules was invaluable. However, the support calls and live event really did catapult everything to the next level. It’s amazing how little tweaks that ChiroIntensive provided in such a short time are already shifting everything in practice and in me as the CEO of my business.

Dr. Erica Higgins 

I really enjoyed the aspect of ChiroIntensive that focused more on the statistics of my business. It was helpful to learn how to track statistics and predict them for the future and the goals I have for my office.