Meet the Team 

Meet your Coach, Dr. Tim Zittle

Associate. Partner. Solo Practitioner. Leader. Seven years into my chiropractic career, I looked around and realized that I was building everyone else’s dream but my own. I had been an integral part of creating and growing some of the most successful offices in the country but in doing so had lost sight of what matters most to me- the ability to empower every person I meet towards becoming the best version of themselves as I do the same. 
Professionally and on paper, things had never seemed more successful. I had overcome challenges at every level and had always done so in a way that led to more financial growth and bigger offices. I had achieved everything I had ever wanted from working under a doc as an associate, to building an office alongside of friends, selling that practice to start one of my own and bringing on a team including docs for me to lead. But something was still missing. Personally, I was broken across the board mentally, physically, and financially. I had given away all the abundance I was creating as fast as I received it along with my joy and fire for the life I had once envisioned. I had created a job for myself. A machine that for all its success was still dependent on me. I knew that if I was ever going to achieve my full potential, much less help others do the same, this would need to change. I connected with Dr. Elise Rigney and I dove headfirst into the Chirointensive community, taking the course for myself. 
Fast forward to now, I have a practice I’m in love with and for the first time in almost a decade I’m creating a life that is tailored towards my needs, experiencing freedom across the board. I have hours that allow me to serve people while still pursuing my passions. I speak and teach around the country and coach leaders and their teams on how to work better together. I’m building a team that’s dedicated to my success in the same way I’m committed to theirs and we have a thriving culture of growth and fun that is here to stay. 
I have been so fortunate to be coached and trained by some of the most successful chiropractors and businesspeople the world has ever seen. I have been a coach and consultant both inside and outside of chiropractic and to be able to bring all of that borrowed knowledge to create a space where you can become the best version of you is what keeps my fire burning and my head popping off the pillow ever morning with excitement. 
If we want to go fast, we’ll go alone. If we want to go far, we’ll go together. When you win, we all win. That is the gift of Chirointensive. 

Street Cred

  • Founder of Treehive Chiropractic in Parker, CO
  • Co-Founded Flourish Chiropractic in Dublin, OH
  • Interned with and Coached alongside of Ronnie Doss- Internationally Renowned Performance Coach for NASA, American Express, Zoom and more
  • Full range of practice experience from being an Associate to becoming a Partner then being a Solo Doc to Leading Multiple Associate Docs
  • Master Communicator
  • Enneagram 7, Wing 8
  • Leadership and Personal Growth Specialist
  • Keynote Speaker Across the United States at Various Schools and Conferences Inside and Outside of Chiropractic
  • 4 Weeks Vacation Annually and Growing (at least 1 week per quarter)
  • High Patient Retention and Conversion Into Lifetime Care Patients
  • Community Builder and Marketer

Meet Your Coach, Dr. Lauren Cost 

Setting goals and crushing them is something I really enjoy doing. Can you say major Enneagram 3? So, opening an office, and being successful out of the gate, is something I’m very thankful for but also worked really, really hard for. About 2 years into practice though, I was burnt out. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and was not sure where to go next. I felt that even though I was growing my patient base, I was not working "on" my business and I was scared that as we grew, I would have less and less time with my family. I know many other business owners have felt or do feel this way. After “meeting" Dr. Elise through social media, I found that we are very similar to our personalities, goals, and interests. When she created ChiroIntensive I’m sure I was one of the first people to sign up! This program was right up my alley because I love master-minding and bouncing ideas off of other business owners and I love learning new things. Her ability to run a HIGHLY successful business, and team, but have so much personal time and family time, really intrigued me. With all the knowledge that I learned through ChiroIntensive, I ran with it in our office and became even more successful, grew our team, and we became much more organized. 

I’m so excited to be one of the coaches for ChiroIntensive and help other business owners grow their office and love what they do. Dr. Elise and I recently talked about how you don’t even know what is possible if you’ve never seen it done before. This rang so true to me! After seeing the amazing business she grew, I knew that it was possible for me. I value the ideas, content, and personal growth that this program brings and challenges you to become.  I'm ready to share my story of how I got to where I am and helping other business owners reach their full potential.  I love my office, I love seeing patients but being able to be the CEO, I love my amazing team, and I love my family time. I want every business owner to LOVE every aspect of their office as well, so I am very excited to help you on your journey!

Street Cred

  • Owner of Revolution Chiropractic
  • 5 Doc office
  • Achieved 7 figures annually by 5 years of opening
  • 12 week maternity leaves
  • Speaker for Chiropractic and small business conferences across the country
  • Saw over 200 people the first week of opening my office
  • Started as a solo Female Doc
  • Paid off my $160k business loan 18 months after opening
  • 85% cash
  • Enneagram 3 wing 2
  • I love teaching and inspiring
  • Mom of 2. Coco 2.5 and Steel 9 months
  • My husband was able to retire at 39 and stays home with our kids

Samantha Fehr 

Samantha is currently pursuing her doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Sam started working with Dr. Elise at Impact Chiropractic as a chiropractic assistant back in 2018, this is where her passion for prenatal and pediatric chiropractic began. After graduation in 2020, Sam was offered the opportunity to continue working with Dr. Elise as she brought ChiroIntensive to life. Sam loves being a part of a program so unique and valuable to this profession. She is your go to contact for any questions or information you may want or need!